Security Guard License and Certification Requirements in Oregon

Oregon security professionals are licensed and certified by the Private Security Program. The Program credentials both armed and unarmed security guards. Security agency managers are also licensed.

Security guards qualify by meeting general eligibility requirements and completing mandatory training.

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Eligibility Requirements

Unarmed security professional must be at least eighteen and in possession of a high school diploma, GED, or four year degree. They must meet moral standards. Candidate can be disqualified on the basis of professional misconduct.

The Department expects professionals to display the following values:

  • Honesty
  • Fair treatment of other people
  • Good character
  • Public trust
  • Respect for laws

The Board has provided a list of disqualifying criminal offenses; a link can be found on the main page of the Private Security Program. Some crimes are permanently disqualifying. Others are disqualifying for a seven or ten year period.

Oregon has set additional standards for armed guards ( They must be a least 21 years of age. The individual cannot have been committed to Oregon’s Mental Health and Development Disability Services Division (or similar out-of-state service). He or she cannot have been banned from carrying a firearm as a result of mental illness or other issues and cannot have a civil restraining order in place that would preclude firearm possession in interstate commerce.

Security Guard Training Requirements

The prospective security guard must have English language skills as the licensing agency mandates that training programs and assessments be completed in English.

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The basic unarmed training curriculum is 14 hours. Training is to be provided by a certified instructor. The Board has provided a list of qualified instructors (

Armed security guards must complete a firearms course of at least 24 hours. The course will be taught by a certified firearms instructor. Ultimately armed security guards will need to pass a gun handling test and a firearm qualification as well as a written test.

Unarmed guards will complete renewal training during each two-year renewal period. Armed guards must requalify annually.

Security Manager Requirements

Oregon has provisions for licensure of supervisory managers and executive managers. Managers must meet licensing requirements for security professionals as described in Rule 259-060-0020. They must also meet manager training requirements. The manager course will be at least eight hours. It will include an assessment component. Managers need to score at least 85% to pass. The licensing agency recommends that candidates review statutes and rules beforehand. The course and exam together cost $250 for executive managers, $75 for supervisory managers.

Companies may employ one or more licensed executive managers. Executive managers must be at least 21 years of age. Management training is provided by the Department or a designee of the Department. Prospective executives can find a list of upcoming dates on the Department website (

The Application Process

Security guards must have background checks processed by the Oregon State Police and the FBI. Fingerprints may be made and transmitted electronically by Fieldprint ( Appointments can be scheduled online. There are sites located in many areas of the state. Applicants also have the option of utilizing out-of-state Fieldprint services ( The applicant will need to bring two forms of identification. Fieldprint can be reached at 888-472-8918.

Individuals may also request traditional fingerprint cards or Livescan packets from the Department; they may utilizer local law enforcement agencies or trained providers to roll fingerprints r scan and print them. Completed fingerprint cards must be enclosed in tamperproof bags before submission. The person who rolls the fingerprints will need to sign an affidavit.

The fingerprint processing fee is $41.75 for security guards, $42.75 for managers.

Application forms can be downloaded from the website ( The licensing agency will require several supporting documents. The applicant must sign a code of ethics form. The instructor will sign an affidavit verifying training.

An unarmed security guard may work under a temporary permit for a maximum of 120 days; Board permission is required.

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If there is a requirement that has not been met or documented, the applicant will receive a notice of deficiency. The requirement is to be met/ documented within 21 days.

Initial certification carries a $106.75 fee. The executive manager licensing fee is $292.75. The supervisory manager licensing fee is $117.75.

Application materials are to be mailed to the Department of Safety Standards and Training in Portland.

A security professional who has qualified for an additional credential will need to again submit an application. Application status can be checked online using the IRIS system. Security guards who are currently certified as unarmed guards may work in an armed capacity while waiting for their ID cards to be issued; they will need to carry authorizing paperwork.

Additional Information

The Private Security Certification and Licensing Program is under the banner of the Oregon Department of Safety Standards and Training ( The program can be reached by email at ‘security.investigators at or’ or by telephone at (503)378-8531. Interested individuals can join the DPSST Private Security List Serve (