Security Guard License Requirements in Oklahoma: Armed Guards and Unarmed Guards

Oklahoma security guards are regulated by the Oklahoma Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training, or CLEET. Both armed and unarmed guards hold state licenses.

First-time security guards go through a state-specific training and testing program. Oklahoma has provisions in place for reciprocity.

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Select an Oklahoma Security Guard License Topic:

Eligibility and Training Requirements for Unarmed Guards

To be eligible for an unarmed license, one must be a citizen or legal alien of the United States and at least 18 years of age. Felonies and crimes of moral turpitude are disqualifying. However, provisions do exist for waiver.

Training is required unless the applicant has obtained sufficient experience in another jurisdiction. However, in some cases the training will not be completed until after employment. An individual who has not already completed comparable training or qualified for exemption on the basis of work experience will need to complete training within 180 days. Unarmed guard training includes two phases, each consisting of 20 hours. The licensing agency has provided a list of approved trainers and the phases they are authorized to offer ( Contact information is provided. Prospective students may call to confirm that information is current.

Ultimately, the student will need to pass an examination. In 2015, CLEET stopped offering the examination at its office in Ada. Examinations are available through Career Tech at 44 Oklahoma testing centers. There is a $25 fee. Candidates are referred to the Career Tech website for information about test sites (

Oklahoma peace officers, correctional officers, and reserve officers may provide evidence of equivalent training. Military police and full-time out-of-state police officers can also be considered for exemption from the usual training requirements. All professionals who believe they have had equivalent training will be required to submit training documentation at the time of application. The licensing agency may choose to waive the full unarmed course or a portion of it.

An out-of-state security guard may be granted an exemption from unarmed training if he or she has worked as a security guard full-time for at least one of the three prior years.

Additional Requirements for Armed Guards

Armed guards must be at least 21. They must confirm employment and need to carry a firearm.

Armed guard training includes an additional 32-hour phase ( The candidate must pass a firearms test; this is in addition to the general test for unarmed guards.

Firearms training is not waived on the basis of prior training.

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An armed guard must have a psychological evaluation. This step is carried out before training. Results from psychological evaluations are valid for only six months. An individual who does not apply within the requisite time period will need to have another evaluation

Full-time peace officers and active reserve officers may be exempted from psychological evaluation.

Insurance Requirements

The individual must hold an insurance policy or bond unless covered under his or her employer’s insurance policy. An unarmed security guard would be required have coverage of at least $5,000; an armed guard, coverage of at least $10,000. Currently, these figures constitute acceptable minimums for self-employed security guards who do not employ others. In cases where the applicant employs others, the policy must cover $100,000.

The Application Process

Prospective security guards will have their fingerprints made before application. They may obtain fingerprint cards from their local law enforcement office or submit an online request for fingerprint cards ( Two fingerprint cards are to be included in the completed application package.

The applicant will also need to have records checks carried out by his or her local sheriff’s department and police department. An applicant who has resided in Oklahoma for less than six months will need to obtain records checks from the previous place of residence; the application packet outlines options for obtaining the necessary documentation. An Oklahoma resident who has changed addresses within the prior 90 days will also need to provide records checks from previous municipalities.

Application packets can be downloaded from the CLEET website (

The applicant will select one of four qualifications for licensure:

  • Conditional
  • Mandate training
  • Comparable training
  • Experience

‘Conditional’ is the status for employees who have not yet completed the required training. A conditional licensee must be sponsored by a security agency.

The application packet includes multiple documents that require notarization. One is a records release authorization. The applicant will also need to provide a notarized affidavit verifying lawful presence in the United States.

An applicant for unarmed will need to submit two passport-style photographs; an applicant for armed guard will need to submit three.

The applicant will submit either a letter of employment or evidence of insurance or bond.

An individual who has an arrest record will submit additional certified court documentation. If a court record does not exist, the individual will need a certified letter from the court affirming this.

The fee is $91 for an unarmed security guard license, $141 for an armed guard license. The fee includes fingerprint processing costs.

Application materials are sent to the following address:

CLEET Private Security
2401 Egypt Road
Ada, OK 74820-0669

Renewals and Upgrades

Security guard licenses are issued for three years. Eight hours of continuing education is required for renewal. The security guard will provide documentation of holding a current surety bond (unless covered under an employer’s insurance policy).

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Unarmed guards who have completed the requisite training and testing may file upgrade applications to change their status to that of armed guard. There is a $50 fee.

Requirements for Officers and Branch Managers

Officers and branch managers must be at least 21. They must have good character.

Other Security Licenses Issued by CLEET

CLEET Private Security also issues temporary out-of-state licenses and special event licenses. In order to be eligible for the special event license, an individual must be employed by a security agency that is contracted to provide services for the event (

Additional Information

Security guard licensing information is available from Oklahoma Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training. Rules are available online ( Applicants should be aware that regulations change periodically.

The licensing page includes contact information for multiple staff members. By dialing 405-239-5100, one can reach the main CLEET switchboard.