Security Guard Requirements in Louisiana: How to become a Registered Security Guard in Louisiana

Louisiana security guards are under the jurisdiction of the Louisiana State Board of Private Security Examiners. The Board issues multiple credentials, including registration cards for employees and licenses for qualifying agents (principal officers).

Background checks are required of both registrant and licensees. The background check will be carried out by the Louisiana State Police Bureau of Identification.

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Security Guard Employee Requirements

An individual must be currently employed to receive an ID card from the Board. The minimum age is 18. Louisiana requires a total of 16 hours of training: eight by the end of 30 days of employment and an additional eight by the end of 60 days.

The initial eight hours will include content in each of the following:

Statutes and rules Emergency procedures Security officer powers and limitations Duties, field notes, and reports A written test will be administered after the completion of each of the eight hour segments. The passing score is 70%.

Law enforcement officers may take an examination after completing a shorter modular program. Individuals who have held registration in other states are also eligible provided that the state of registration had similar requirements. An individual who does not pass will be required to complete the full training.

An individual can contact the Board for a list of licensed instructors.

Armed Security Officer Employee Requirements

A security officer who will be armed will need training with the particular weapon he or she will be using before beginning duties. There are a number of different weapons classifications. If there is a change in weapon, training will need to be completed again.

Security officers as young as 18 are allowed to carry batons if properly trained. The pre-service training will be at least eight hours and will be taught by an instructor licensed by the Board. A written examination will be administered.

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In order to be authorized to carry a firearm, a security officer must be at least 21.

The initial training will include the following state-mandated topics:

  • Weapon handling
  • Dim light firing
  • Safety and maintenance
  • Stress factors
  • Shoot, don’t shoot program
  • Legal limitations

The trainee will also need to pass a marksmanship test.

The armed security officer will need annual retraining. The retraining will culminate in a written test and a test of marksmanship.

The Security Guard Employee Application Process

The applicant will need to provide a set of fingerprints and documentation of work eligibility. He or she will sign the application.

The Board licensee who employs the guard will assist in the application process; the employee can expect to receive a temporary registration card.

If a registered security guard changes weapon, it will be necessary to submit an application for status change. If the individual is employed by a second company, it will be necessary to submit dual registration.

Qualifying Agent Requirements

A qualifying agent will need to hold U.S. citizenship. He or she must have three consecutive years of experience. The licensing agency will credit experience as a security employee or manager. Law enforcement experience can be with the U.S. military or with a local, state, or federal authority. The individual will also need to possess a high school diploma or GED or have equivalent training, gained through employment.

Qualifying agents will need to meet fitness requirements. This includes not being dependent on narcotics or habitually drunk and not having been declared mentally incompetent by court declaration. The applicant cannot have been found guilty of 1) illegal possession or use of a weapon 2) any felony or 3) any crime that involved moral turpitude.

The prospective qualifying agent will need to pass an examination with a score of at least 70%. There is a $50 examination fee and $10 administrative fee. A candidate who needs to attempt the examination again will pay a $20 re-examination fee and $10 administrative fee.

The Qualifying Agent (Officer) Application Process

Qualifying agent applications are available for download from the Board website (

The applicant can get fingerprint cards from the Board; these are not available for download. The two fingerprint cards will be included in the application package.

The licensing agency will need a five year employment history and a list of any criminal convictions excluding minor traffic offenses. The Board will seek a resume.

The applicant will need three letters of recommendation from people he or she has been acquainted with for at least five years.

An applicant who has been in the military is to provide a copy of DD-214 (or equivalent document).

An applicant who has ever suffered from drug or alcohol addiction or received treatment for mental illness is to provide explanation.

The prospective qualifying agent will need to confirm that he or she is covered under the company liability insurance policy.

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Application, examination, and fingerprint fees are to be included in the application package.

The applicant is to attach a two by two photograph to the application and have the form notarized.

Applications are sent to the Board office in Baton Rouge.

There is a separate security company application form. A security agency is required to carry liability insurance. The policy must meet standards described in state statute.

Additional Information

Information about security officer licensing and registration is available from the Louisiana State Board of Private Security Examiners ( Credentialing is governed by law ( and administrative code The Board can be reached by telephone at (225) 272-2310. Extension numbers for staff members are available online ( ).